I Will Not Be Thwarted!!!

Last fall, I entered a pie contest hosted by The Brooklyn Kitchen and sponsored by Daisy Flour. It’s one of two held annually: one sweet, one savory.

In spite of my arrival only fifteen minutes before the designated cut-off time, I was the first participant to arrive. I was the first anyone to arrive. Over the next hour I watched the event become an event. I waited for my friend (perpetually late) to arrive so I checked out the prize table and the other pies. After viewing the competition, I’ll admit I was a tad intimidated. If it hadn’t been for my phone, I would have literally been standing there twiddling my thumbs…or hiding under a table.

Finally the contest began and the judges started tasting. After a round of elimination and finishing their second tasting, the hounds were released and we were allowed to taste the pies. By the time I got to mine, the plate was empty. Nothing but crumbs. Hm.

I finished second in the contest and my recipe was posted on the Daisy Flour website. I also took home a tart pan and some of The Meat Hook’s very own homemade schmaltz. Shamefully, it’s still hanging out in my freezer waiting to become matzo balls. Anyway…

I got wind of the sweet contest and my head was flooded with ideas. I was completely distracted for an entire day that it didn’t occur to me immediately that there was some sort of conflict with the date. June 9th. June 9th…why does that sound familiar? What’s going on June 9th?

PIE IN THE SKY! I’ll be in Virginia for a friend’s baby shower!

With my heart momentarily on the floor, I had a vivid flashback of the rules from the savory contest. It was vivid due to the astonishing lack of rules: use Daisy Flour in your crust and be there by 2pm. That was it. So I emailed The Brooklyn Kitchen to see if they would let me send it with a proxy. Here is what I received:

Wowzers! Excitement restored in fifty words or less! Here are the details.

What: Daisy Flour Pie Contest

Hosted by: The Brooklyn Kitchen

Where: Smorgasburg, East River State Park

When: Saturday, June 9 @ 2pm

Price: 5$

Everyone pays the entry fee (participants get a bag of flour with theirs to be picked up at The Brooklyn Kitchen by June 8.) Everyone gets to taste all the pies and cast a vote for the Grand Prize. Other prizes will be determined by the judges. Extra votes for the grand prize can be purchased on site. The event is a fundraiser for the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen.

See. You. There!

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